Tree of Strength Art Directive

This is a very unusual time in our world today. I think it would be amazing to see what creative flow comes out of an individual during this time in our lives. Please feel free to join in on each art directive that I share each week. You can share your art and/or thoughts in the comment section below. Let’s KREATE art together!

Tree of Strength

Tree of Strength – (Focusing on: what are your strengths?) 

  • Materials:
    • White piece of paper or canvas
    • Crayons, markers, colored pencils, paints (you choose any material you are drawn to.
  • Directions:
    • Design and create a tree.
    • On the branches (or anywhere on the tree), write words (or draw what) describes your strengths.
  • Questions to keep in mind
    • What are some strengths you see yourself having?
    • What are some strengths that you would like to gain?
    • What is a strength that you admire about yourself?
    • What are some strengths that you would like others to see in you?

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Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want


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