Letters In My Name – Children’s Book

Letters In My Name  

Although I am a bit delayed on writing a post on this exciting topic since it happened in 2019, I am still extremely ecstatic to share that I illustrated my very first children’s book!!! My significant other and I (and our son) came together as a family and showed the utmost support and love to each other while working on this book. I am exceptionally proud of my partner for committing to his vision and writing a book from his heart and perspective of how he experiences a piece of our family dynamic. When he came and asked me to illustrate the book for him, at first, I unfortunately did not have the courage or belief in myself that I was good enough to do so since I have never created something like this before. With the encouragement from him, I decided to do my best and just go with it and draw the illustrations! This was one of my greatest choices to do so because now I can happily and proudly say that I am the illustrator to a fun, creative and educational children’s book that is based on something so very special to me: my family. 

The book, Letters in My Name, is inspired by a true story of our son who was into exploring the world of writing letters old-school-style, putting them in an envelop and mailing them in the big blue mailbox! If you are interested in learning more about the story, you can find and purchase the book through a few different web sites (just click the links below):


Barnes and Nobles 


Letters In My Name:

Written by Brian J. Fitzhenry
Illustrated by Dianne Furphy
Inspired by Brian E. Fitzhenry

Letters In My Name

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