Artist & Illustrator

Dianne Furphy

Hello and Welcome!

Thank you for stopping by this section of my blog that demonstrates my skills and talents as an artist and illustrator.

I kreate my art work with healing intentions and I shower each piece I kreate with an abundance of love & rainbow power <3

Here you will find some of my art work that you can view and/or purchase. 

Have fun browsing!

Letters In My Name:

This here is the Children’s Book I illustrated. 


This here is my Vida Store. I design materials such as scarves, clothes, bags, home decor, phone cases, accessories and other merchandise from my personal paintings on canvas, photography and drawings. You can view and/or purchase from my Vida store here:


I like to design and create different pieces of art using natural elements from nature. You can view and/or purchase artwork here:

Web Site Building:

Building a website (through WordPress’s platform) is something I would be happy to raise my hand that I have some knowledge of. I have been building and maintaining websites for 9+ years. Back in 2011, I created a web site called: Create What You Want and that was running until 2018-2019ish. I shared art work and personal life stories and I was fortunate enough to have amazing opportunities come my way because of that blog. Some of my art work was/is featured worldwide. An example: A photo of mine that was on my old blog, Create What You Want, was noticed by the clothing line “Gap” and they contacted me and asked me if they could display one of my “cloud photos” that was on my CWYW’s blog- in their ads, billboards, buses, and other big platforms. I was super happy to know my photo would be seen so far-and-wide! When my web site, Create What You Want, was up and running, I had many other exciting opportunities take their place so I am absolutely grateful I started that blog and was able to be noticed the way I was. Although the longer I had CWYW, I kind of outgrown it and many of the posts did not resonate with me anymore due to my change of perspective I had so I deleted that blog and started this one, KWUW – something that is more ME today. I have been teaching myself all of these years with whatever I do on these web sites and I still feel like I have so much more learning to do but … hey, my work for this can be shared and made public 😉 

Some of My Personal Art Work:

Bleeding Hearts  My Roots Forgive Bird of Paradise


I appreciate the love and support – Thank you! <3