Art Directives

Need some ideas to do?! Let’s create art together and share it with one another!! 

As an artist and art therapist, I see the positive effects creating art has on the soul. When expressing oneself through any form of medium, we are able to release feelings and emotions that are deeply rooted within us. Let’s come together and create and talk about our art as a group. Children, teens and adults – all are welcome!

During this time in our world, some of us may be feeling alone, scared, uneasy or even confused. This would be the time to create and be an online community together to show we are here for one another. As I know I am here for you. 

So let’s give this a try. 

I will post an art directive once a week. We have that whole week to create, respond and post to others art work. We can comment how we feel, how others drawings make us feel or whatever feelings and emotions you may be experiencing. Let’s keep in mind, this is meant to be in a positive and uplifting light. 

Week 1 Art Directive: 

Post Card to your future self:

  1. Create a post card to your future self.  
    • Use any art materials you are drawn to. 
      • Some examples: paint, crayons, markers, dance, song/signing, movement, colored pencils, clay, etc…. it can be anything you want it to be!
  2. Some Questions to keep in mind: 
    • What would you want to say to your future self?
    • What do you think your future self needs to hear?

Click here for another art directive.

Art Supplies

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What U Want. 




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