15 Coping Skills for Stress and Anxiety

Several weeks ago I went to my first female workshop to learn tools on how to cope with anxiety. Although I experience the “good-kind-of-anxiety” and not the really “heightened-panicky-type-of-anxiety” anymore, I went with an open mind to observe and learn. I was invited by the leader to come and join in on the workshop and so I thought I had to go. You see, I strongly believe that when we are invited somewhere it is for a very special reason and so I jumped on the opportunity and said “YES!” I was not sure what to expect at this workshop but I just went with it. 

When I arrived at the workshop, I was super happy and pleased to be there. I looked around and noticed the energy in the room and felt some people’s anxiousness (after-all, we were there to learn how to deal with the anxiety). I had to remind myself to settle my energy down since I can become a little too enthusiastic to be in a new experience and I did not want to overwhelm others with my burst of excitement (I thrive off of experiences like this). Before the group started, I introduced myself to some of the group members and socialized which is another passion of mine – meeting new people! During the group, some of the members shared their life stories about their depression, stress and anxiety. Some of the stories I could relate to because I have been there in a distant past and all I could think of is how I would love to share tools and tips on what I have learned to help me cope!

Then the three leaders of the group began sharing feedback and coping techniques. One of the leaders who is a holistic psychotherapist shared guided meditations and other holistic approaches to help. I appreciated this avenue of life because it is what shifted my whole being and entire life (in such a positive way) many years ago. 

Due to this anxiety workshop, I was inspired to come home and write a post on some techniques that have personally helped me through times of anxiety and stress. Maybe some of them may work for you too! 

Coping Techniques on Stress and Anxiety:

  • Self-Talk. Self-talk is huge. Talk to yourself and reassure yourself you will be OK (because you will be). Tell yourself that you got this, that you are brave, that you are strong, that you are determined. The more you tell yourself these things, the more you will start to believe it. 
  • “I Am” Positive Affirmations. These go well with the self-talk. I like to talk as if I already am. I speak statements of the now. For example: “I am calm and can handle what is put in my path.” “I am confident I can get through this.” “I feel strong and know this shall pass.” And so on… 
  • Reassurance to the self. Think of the previous times you felt anxious and how you overcame it. 
  • Breathe. Deep breathes. Slow deep breathes. As many as it takes. 
  • Create. Create art with how you are feeling. It can be any material close by. Pens, pencil, paper, crayons, markers, clay, glue, tissue paper. Just flow with it and create and release how you are feeling in the moment.
  • Take a walk/hike. Walk it off, however long and where you are being guided within. Just go. 
  • Be with Nature. Visit a river, ocean, lake, scenic view, be around trees, grass, whatever nature you are drawn to. Nature has healing powers.
  • Exercise. Being in a habit of exercising can help eliminate any feelings of stress. Create a routine. Go running, do jumping jacks, ride a bike, jump rope, do pull-ups, push-ups, squats, sit ups. There are so many (easy) exercises that can be found online. 
  • Mindfulness. Be mindful of each moment and what is happening in the now. Everything else is an illusion. The future did not happen (yet) and the past is gone. Be here now. 
  • Body-Scan yourself. Focus your attention on each part of your body and notice where you are holding the stress. Squeeze it and then release it. 
  • Journal. Write down how you are feeling. Draw how you are feeling. Keep a journal and release any thoughts, feelings or anything that comes to you. 
  • Gratitude. Be in gratitude all the time. There is so much to be grateful for (it is the small things that truly count): your breathe, life, water, a roof over your head, family, friends, art supplies (the list goes on…) Even if you do not feel like you are grateful, to repeatedly say it, you will eventually feel it and believe it. Be grateful for everything (even the obstacles are blessings in disguise).
  • Drink water. Plenty of water drinking can be helpful towards good health and well-being. 
  • Less sugar, eat more foods that are alive. Fruits and veggies are always a helpful way to stay balanced. 
  • Write a Letter. Write a letter to yourself. Or to someone you feel the need to. Or address it to nobody. Write and release whatever thoughts that arise. You can even rip, tear or burn this letter up and move on and let it be no more!

These are just some ways I feel help me stay align and centered. If you feel any of these have worked for you or you have your own skills you would like to share, please feel free to comment. I would love to hear from you! 

Also, I plan to write and share some art interventions and ideas that can help with anxiety and stress so check back later or subscribe so you can receive more updates! Thanks for all of the love. 

(On a side note, in the first paragraph I mentioned how I believe we are invited to places for a special reason, well I now know my reason why I was at this first seminar… it was because I was asked to be a guest speaker at the next workshop that the leader is hosting!!! To find out more about this workshop based on “Building a Powerful Mindset For Your Career & Business”, please click here). 

Believe in yourself and you can Kreate What You Want<3

3 thoughts on “15 Coping Skills for Stress and Anxiety

  1. Dianne, I am ecstatic to hear you had such a positive experience at April’s support group + workshop! You brought us some beautiful energy. It is an honor to have you as a guest speaker for our June group + workshop! Lots of love to you. Thank you for the support for Still Standing Together and everyone who is fighting through their struggle. Love, Daniela

    1. Thank you so much Daniela for being so kind and welcoming! You made the Still Standing Group very warm and open for me to feel so comfortable. I am very excited to be a guest speaker at the next workshop on June 22nd. It is a pleasure to be in such good company and standing alongside someone who is so inspiring, motivated and just so lovely. We shall continue to grow and evolve together!!! <3

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