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Hello and welcome to my feel-good place on the Internet!

It is to inspire you to:

Believe in yourself to Kreate What U Want.

What is Kreate What U Want (KWUW)?

An artsy and transformative place to feel-good, explore, express, uplift and have fun with!

About Me (Person behind KWUW): Dianne Furphy, MS, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Artist and Illustrator 

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Dianne is deeply rooted in her spiritual beliefs of love, healing, creating, art, compassion, being kind to herself and others. Her journey and vision in life is to inspire others to believe in themselves and live their true authentic self through different mediums of art, mindfulness and holistic tools. 

As a teen, Dianne’s world abruptly fell apart and she suffered through an enormous amount of pain which led her to develop poor behaviors and patterns for many years to come. Using art, mindfulness, mindset, reiki, breathing and meditation exercises as a healing modality, Dianne transformed her life from dark to light. Dianne believes our internal world is a reflection of our external world and that everyone is capable of transforming.

Dianne is passionate about helping soul beings heal internal wounds and create new life patterns and behaviors through art and mindfulness and internal work. 

Presently Dianne holds a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Psychology with a concentration in Art Therapy where she has worked in an outpatient setting with people from all different populations and backgrounds. 

For many years, Dianne also has a profound interest in being a Life Coach. Dianne now holds certificates in Life Coaching and Mindfulness. She continues to do inner work on herself to continuously keep up with the ever-changing life process of healing so she can pay healing forward to those who surround her. 

Dianne thrives on helping others especially because she learned that we as humans have suffered and feels pain in our lives one way or another. This pain can still be trapped within our body and could cause blockages that may withhold you from moving forward in life. 

Through Dianne’s formula of using art, mindfulness and holistic tools, you will find the connection to your mind, body and soul that builds on:

  • Self-Care
  • Confidence
  • Finding your Life’s Purpose
  • Transforming core challenges into expressions of grace
  • (Re)discovering your own Self-Love that has always been inside of you.

Trust yourself!!! Everything you ever need is within you.

Having Dianne as a life coach can help you with your self-growth and well-being as she helps you develop personalized goals you set for yourself. 

Dianne believes in you to break through and overcome any blockages you may be experiencing and to live a more fulfilled and self-loving life… 

As long as you are open and ready for putting the work into you. 

Remember:  You are here reading this for a reason which indicates you ARE *ready* for that change in your life and *ready* to put that work into YOU.

Come move forward with your life by contacting me for a FREE discovery call to see if we are compatible to work together on your self-transformation. 

Schedule your FREE Discovery call here! (COMING SOON)

Believe in yourself (I ABSOLUTELY BELIEVE IN YOU) and you can Kreate What U Want. 



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Thank you! Lots of Love to all.